Company Profile

TNA is company engaged in manufacturing, supply, Erection & Commissioning of water and waste water treatment plants and Solar Energy System for industrial, commercial and residential applications by providing the suitable solution after analysis of the inputs provided by the clients and as per standards/ norms prefixed by the competitive authorities in the field of Solar as well as Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Water Filtration, Water Softening, De-mineralization, Effluent Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants with a highly skilled and experienced team by maintaining best quality to the satisfaction of the clients.

TNA Products & Services

  • RO Based Water Treatment Plants.
  • Ultra-filtration Plants.
  • Dual/ Multi-grade Filtration
  • Activated Carbon/ Iron Removal Filtration.
  • Water Softening Plants.
  • De-mineralization Plants.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Sewage Treatment Plants.
  • Sewage Treatment Plants.
  • Preventive / Breakdown Services.
  • Rain Water Harvesting.
  • Solar Energy Systems
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